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My Falmer character in an Elder Scrolls Pathfinder campaign that started in the first Era, before the Falmer are like you see them in Skyrim.

If you love Elder Scrolls and have a handful of friends that love Elder Scrolls as well I really recommend you to play Pathfinder as well! (and then tell me of your adventures :3 )

Anyway, this is Erulogos, a Falmer wizard with a Snow Fox familiar. His sister (another player character) ate a Dwemer’s fungus and went blind. Now they travel all over Tamriel in search for a cure.

A small Restoration Book made for a story of TamrielUnited.

It has 40 empty orange pages, so it’s really quite thin. If it doesn’t crumble apart within a month, I’ll make thicker books haha. 

The design of the cover is a mix between the restoration logos of Oblivion and Skyrim. In the story the book belongs to a Snow Elf, so I wanted to use a lot of white. Also, the diagonal exagerated paint strokes give a bit of a snowstorm kind of feeling. 

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